No. 4964 Embraced By Giants. Fyr, Terra, & Aquae triptych - 175cm x 175cm/ 69” x 69”

Critique & Coaching


You are creating art work because you are driven to do it.  Art chooses you, rather than you choosing art.  And most people have been dissuaded to choose artist as a profession.  And yet here you are.  And you are finding yourself stuck.

You have come a long way by working hard and relying on your own intuition.  Maybe you have had no official schooling in art.  Or perhaps a lot of learning - schools, videos, workshops.  If you are happy with your artwork right now, then I am happy and pulling for you.  However, if you think something is not right, something isn’t clicking, and you want or need something more but are not sure what or how - then maybe I can help.

Landscape painting, figurative painting and abstract painting. They are all the same.  Any good painting is a good abstract painting.

There are principles of design existing in everything man creates - every composition, every photograph, and every art work.  You are in control when you understand these principles and get yourself un-stuck when painting.  The art principles will be your tools and can be controlled, bent and shaped to create your art.

There are no magic wand short cuts, no fixed formulas and no hard and fast rules to get you on your road to creating great art.  We can introduce and re-view the art making principles and apply the thinking to your artworks to see where you might have come across your road blocks.  I can help you identify the blocks.  You have to learn the principles to work with them for the next painting.  And the next one.  And the next one.

Coaching sessions are $65 USD an hour.  I offer a no obligation 1 hour call to chat, understand your questions and figure out where you are.  After that you decide.  If you found anything helpful, we can try another session at your own timeline.  We can do as little or as much as you wish.  It is all up to you.  

To get started please email me 3-5 images of your artwork.  Choose artworks that you are happy with and those artworks for which you have questions.  If possible - write out your thinking and thoughts.  Include dates, time of day and time zone when you are available.  My time zone is EST in Toronto, Canada.  We can then organize a time to call that is convenient for both of us.

Kevin Ghiglione

Kevin has coached artists worldwide.  Previously he coached with the Art 2 Life Creative Visionary Program.