Critique & Coaching

Helpful Feedback

“That’s nice" and "I like it" aren't much help when asking for feedback. I won't do this.

I will tell you why one artwork isn't working and another one is working well. I will help de-mystify the art creation process for you. Together, we can find approaches for you to make your work stronger.

My aim is to train you in the language of art making so you can identify the art creation principles. The key is to learn the principles - and then to break them and control them. Your work will become stronger and you will understand how to self-evaluate your art. I discuss various thoughts on painting and include the basic elements of design and composition - value, shape, proportion, colour, texture, and line.

Beginners or working artist - every artist needs fair unattached fresh-eyed feedback on their artwork. There is absolutely no cost or obligation for the first call. Get in touch by email and we can set up a convenient time for both of us to talk about you and your artwork. We will chat and see where you are at - and take a look at your work.

One-on-one coaching sessions are $65 [email protected]  Multiple sessions and small group sessions can be organized. All discussions are recorded for you and available for download.

Wishing you much success in your art.

Kevin Ghiglione

Kevin has coached with the Art 2 Life Creative Visionary Program reaching artists worldwide.

A small, simple and ordinary painting with no art creation principles applied.

BEFORE: A small and simple artwork that could be pushed further through the application of basic art principles.

A stronger painting with several principles applied.
AFTER: A stronger artwork that has been pushed further and is made more interesting by understanding and implementing basic art creation principles.