Helpful Feedback

“That’s nice" and "I like it" aren't much help when asking for feedback.

I won't do this. I will tell you why one artwork isn't working and another one is working well. I will help de-mystify the art creation process for you. Together, we can find approaches for you to make your work stronger.

The key is to learn the art creation principles - and then to break them creatively. Your work will become stronger and you will understand how to self-evaluate your art. I discuss various thoughts on painting and include the basic elements of design and composition - value, shape, proportion, colour, texture, and line.

Beginners or working artist - every artist needs fair unattached fresh-eyed feedback on their artwork. There is absolutely no obligation for the first call. Get in touch by email and we can set up a convenient time for both of us to talk about you and your artwork. We will chat and see where you are at - and take a look at your work.

Further sessions are $65 [email protected] Multiple sessions are available. All discussions are recorded for you and available for download.

Wishing you much success in your art.

Kevin Ghiglione

Kevin Ghiglione is part of a team of art coaches with the Art 2 Life Creative Visionary Program reaching a worldwide audience of artists.

A small, simple and ordinary painting with no art creation principles applied.

BEFORE: A small and simple artwork that could be pushed further through the application of basic art principles.

A stronger painting with several principles applied.
AFTER: A stronger artwork that has been pushed further and is made more interesting by understanding and implementing basic art creation principles.